Ellen Drew

Mother, IVF Professional and model

I have had a career of 34 years with a large organisation, and am very well known and senior in my field. I feel it is time to move on from my day job.

I featured in a BBC Scotland documentary ‘Making Babies’ and have been interviewed for news, radio and newspaper pieces. I have always enjoyed performing, and I see modelling as an extension of that. I was a kissagram girl in the 1980s while I was a student, and an aerobics instructor in the 1990s, and have recently returned to being an instructor.

I have also performed in various choirs including with a community Soul Choir performing with some really great people, including Gareth Malone. I now perform with a sign language choir focused on including those with learning disabilities. I am very passionate about inclusivity, and I love this choir.

I have a very nurturing nature, and have four children of my own and have fostered 15, along with my Husband. Our youngest children are all away at University, which gives me freedom to travel.

I am based in Dundee, Scotland, but I am English and regularly return to London to see my family. My accent is probably standard southern English, and in Dundee they gently tease me for being ‘posh’.

I’m very glad that the modelling vista has changed, and ‘real’ models are being used more.

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